Before Indulgence, After Freedom

Before Indulgence, After Freedom1

Before Indulgence, After Freedom2

Before Indulgence, After Freedom2

Before Indulgence, After Freedom3

Before Indulgence, After Freedom4

Before Indulgence, After Freedom5

Before Indulgence, After Freedom6

Before Indulgence, After Freedom7

Before Indulgence, After Freedom8




Before Indulgence, After Freedom

2013, Color & Sound, HD video, 15min 50sec

“Before Indulgence, After Freedom”, the theme is a description of the ‘Grey’ area during my creation. I think we have to face the normalcy that there is something beyond description during the process of art production. Like the broken languages, the un-shareable knowledge and experiences, the performance out of state, etc., instead of critique, they are another reality indeed. Such kind of situation is like an interesting veil which makes it difficult to tell from works of each other, or it could be interpret but out of context. Therefore, we are indulged in an untouchable status.

I want to show a tip of iceberg of the creation by this video, which reveals a variety of components, as the words, confession, repentance, retrospection, declaration, deduction, etc. are all included into this fragmentary, broken, and partial set. All the expressions seem to be lack of objects, responses, and mutual spirit. Somewhat embarrassingly, time after time, we experience the social events that have already been put into the material library and mix them with the expression of the emotions which is consistent ostensibly but discontinues actually. “How to deal with the pause during our conversation?”, “How to share the shape of cogitation with each other?”, “What are we producing?” these questions are only arouse from a twist of my creation.










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