Diagonally across ‘Planet’

20160528-007 “星球”的斜对面-照片 20160528-003 20160528-007 20160528-005


Diagonally across ‘Planet’

2016, color print on aluminum plate installation, size variable

In year 2013, British artist Marc Quinn was commissioned to create a large-scale sculpture ‘Planet’ which is located at Singapore’s garden by the bay. This large piece, inspired by his son, by the time in his early childhood, vividly depicts an enlarged floating infant. I did not linger in front of this work, whilst I was attracted by the resting area for the tourists. At this artificial garden which carries a sense of the future, the tourists’s crowd interacted with Marc Quinn’s ‘Planet’, I recorded a video with the various actions of the travelers while they were actively standing up and seating down. I divided the stills extrapolated from the video, rearranged and overlapped them, displayed as a clue to the context of today.

Image: Diagonally across ‘Planet’, exhibition view, 2016, Aike Dellarco west bund space




2013年,英国艺术家马克·奎恩受委任在新加坡滨海湾花园中制作了⼀件⼤型的雕塑作品《星球》,作品以其幼⼦的形象为原型,具象地刻画和放⼤了⼀个漂浮在半空中的⽩⾊婴 ⼉。我并未为这件作品驻⾜停留,但⽬光却被离其不远处的游客休息区吸引,在这座⼈造的未来花园中,那些成组成群的游客与马克·奎恩的《星球》形成彼此,我拍摄下这些动 静起坐的观光客们,并将这些抽帧图像再次分割重叠并罗列摆放,以此作为对我们今天⾃⾝处境的⼀种提⽰。



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