I Want Talk to You, But Not All of You

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I Want To Talk To You, But Not To All Of You

2012, Dual-channel HD Video Installation & Color Print Photos, 04’08” & 33’09”, Variable Size

I come to realize that most conversation and communication concerning art creation are conducted in a somewhat disconnected and dislocated context. Effective sharing and communication can hardly be achieved. As a result, our creation has to undergo constant simplification and “de-content” forcing us into a extreme expression. 

The title of my work, “I Want to Talk to You, But Not to All of You”, sheds light on my feelings and perception of the reality of this industry. I had a private dialogue with Biljana Ciric, curator of Alternatives to Ritual, while preparing this work for the exhibition. During the dialogue, we showed each other the photos and documents we were going to present in the exhibition, and shared, despite all the difficulties, the dilemma we face during our work. I video recorded this conversation. 

I excerpted a part of it, did some re-editing, making it into a simplified version featuring a conversation between a man with mental problems and his psychiatrist who tends to solve his problems through a bunch of medical terms. In this re-edited version, words such as “spirit”, “hallucination”, “reality” and “fantasy” are constantly mentioned. 



2012年,双频双通道高清录像装置&彩色照片,4分08秒 & 33分09 秒,尺寸可变




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