It is not Complicated, A Guide Book

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It is not Complicated, A Guide Book 

2016, color and sound, dual-channel HD video installation, 18’28’’ & 7’50’’, size variable

The work is commissioned by curator Biljana Ciric as a part of the project ‘Encounter with Pompidou’ at Centre National d’art et de Culture Georges Pompidou. The text of this two screen video installation originates from the Chinese version of Centre Pompidou’s museum guide. This former Chinese guide book includes 150 selected pieces of the museum collection’s guide (originally written by Jean Poderos and translated by Hu Bin into Chinese). Addressing the audience from various points of view, this guide book is as a signal from a distanced site, spreading our shared understanding of modernism. I divide the work descriptions of the collections into two parts and showcase within two screens, representing two kinds of points of view. The video source is taken from the documentary I shot in Singapore as a tourist, I selected and rearranged the long-lens movie and the close-up shot, matching them with the text, thus reWine two kinds of common logics appear interactively during the processes of artistic production and observation, referring to the modes of the lost ‘wonderer’ and the detached bystander.

Image: It is not Complicated, A Guide Book, exhibition view, 2016, Aike Dellarco west bund space.


2016年,⾼清有声彩⾊双通道录像装置,18’28’ ’& 7’50’’,尺⼨可变

此作品受邀于策展⼈⽐利安娜·斯瑞克在巴黎乔治·蓬⽪杜中⼼所策划的项⽬“遭遇蓬⽪杜”,这件双屏录像装置作品中出现的⽂字部分来源于蓬⽪杜中⼼的⼀本中⽂版的参观⼿册,这 本旧版的中⽂⼿册的主要内容是其摘选的150件蓬⽪杜馆藏作品阐释(由Jean Poderos撰⽂,胡滨翻译为中⽂的作品介绍)。这本参观导览读物⾯向背景层次各异的参观者,像⼀种 远端的信号,传播着我们对于现代主义的普遍趋同的认识。我对这些藏品介绍的⽂字叙述部分进⾏拆分,以双重视⾓对⽂字进⾏整理,并以双屏录像装置的⽅式呈现。作品中的影 像素材来源于我在新加坡以观光客⾝份游览时的拍摄记录,我将其中长镜头的游览画⾯与空镜头的特写画⾯摘取整理,并与⽂字进⾏配合,以此还原在艺术⽣产与观看现实中的两 种共⽣的惯常逻辑,即现代“漂泊者”式的⽆所适从与他者视⾓下冷漠、⽆表情的观看模式。

展览图片:“还是这群人”, 艾可画廊(西岸空间)展览现场,中国

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