Picnic at the Stadium


Picnic at the Stadium

2016, article, 148 x 210mm

As the most ambiguous object showcased in the exhibition, this piece can be considered both as a creative work and as an introduction to the exhibition. This short novel recounts my travel and residency experience in Singapore, and describes a picnic that ‘I’ attended in the Wield during a rally with thousands of people, supporting the Singaporean opposite party. From the linguistic point of view, the piece inadvertently includes the participating political issue as the story’s context; moreover, in the detailed description, the unfamiliar friends of ‘mine’ were poked and probed for their background, in this sense, the true distance between you and I is accordingly unveiled. [Download Read]



2016年,⽂献,148 x 210mm

这件⽂本作品作为在展厅中最为模糊的观看与阅读对象,即作为创作也作为展览引导。该作品以短篇⼩说的⽅式呈现了我在新加坡旅⾏与驻留中的⼀段经历,描 述了“我”在新加坡反对党万⼈集会中的⼀次野外快餐的情境。在语⾔描写上,⽂章以瞭望的⽅式将有意⽆意间所参与的政治事件置于背景中,也以近景环视的⾓ 度探查、接触相伴⽽来的陌⽣友⼈,并借此测量你我相互的真实距离。【下载阅读】

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