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Same Old Crowd, Exhibition view, Aike Dellarco west bund space, Shanghai, China


Same Old Crowd

2016, black & white HD four-channel synchronized videos with sound 15’00’’, size variable

‘Repetition’ is not directly founded on or opposed to the premise of leveling out ‘difference’ but rather on facing down value systems brought about by the fluctuating modes of formal languages, mediums, topics, and events. In the portrayal of the real, the ‘fictional’ is no shame, while observing from the sidelines is not indifference. Based on such complex and contradictory intersecting emotions, in the process of shooting this four-channel video work, I hired twelve non-professional actors through different means and anonymously placed them into this fixed plot and scenario. In post-editing, I inserted a large number of simulated sound effects and furthermore excised any linguistic narration and dialogue. Through a dramatic and theatrical arrangement, I attached a series of human characteristics to the animal, ‘corporeal’ bodies. These bodies in the video, gazing upon one another and yet under a state of restless vigilance, are precisely we who encounter the inherent rules within the institutional system of Art.



2016年,⿊⽩⾼清有声四通道同步录像,15’00’’, 尺⼨可变


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