Under the Rain-Sounded Effect

Under the Rain-Sounded Effect1 Under the Rain-Sounded Effect2 Under the Rain-Sounded Effect5Under the Rain-Sounded Effect6Under the Rain-Sounded Effect7Under the Rain-Sounded Effect8Under the Rain-Sounded Effect9Under the Rain-Sounded Effect10Under the Rain-Sounded Effect12Under the Rain-Sounded Effect11Under the Rain-Sounded Effect13Under the Rain-Sounded Effect14Under the Rain-Sounded Effect-T

Under the Rain-Sounded Effect

2015, Single Channel HD Video, Sound & Color, 9min

In the pool of my sound-effect materials, there is one sound track made by synthesizer that imitates the sound of rain. It is so vivid that can be really hard to tell the difference of being man-made or natural sound through listening with ears. Usually I would loop this sound piece in hot and stuffy summer time; so it was around me while I was making this video work, and became the background sound of the video’s beginning and ending parts. Indeed, this sound piece is also a coupling of a certain kind of reality that I felt about. During the period of my creation, I set up the shooting in front of my dining table, designing different scenes of groups of still-lifes. These still-lifes remind me the objects to be seen in exhibitions — those “silent and static” artworks displayed in exhibition spaces were well-placed, or just being a random combination. We hear and see, even read through texts, but still not capable of confirming the authenticity of those works’ inner spirit. Just like this synthesized sound track of rain, it exists without crowds of black clouds or signs of weather changes, it has nothing to do with the smell of soil after raining nor the long wait full of stuffiness before raining. This is exactly where we make our creations: familiar or strange fragments of words are around us at any time, they often appear without warning and then wander or hide aside, while at the same time, they strongly attach themselves to every minute space among our logical thinkings and motives.





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