Waiting for the New Suit

“Waiting for the New Suit”

2017, installation, plaster sculptures, 500cm x 150cm x 180cm

HD Single-channel video, No sound & Black and White,  39min 26sec

The topics of “freedom” and “newness” have always been discussed at the level of “formal language”. This film is based on the photo samples of clothes from Shanghai Garment Factory (garment production) from the spring of 1979 to early 80s, they are shown in the video one after the other in a slow motion.

Different from the samples from 1977 and 1978, the freedom of garment production was suddenly released in the spring of 1979, the bulk of clothes were circulated after imitation and production. On the one hand, these beautiful folds and the forms of clothes were full of expectations for the future, showing their rich emotions to the modern life in the spring breeze. On the other side, however, our broken and separated consciousness have never been repaired as the reform and open-up went on. What co-located with this film are several deformed, misplaced and dismembered plaster sculptures. All the irreconcilable appearance in front of us has served as the reason for us to wait.



2017年,装置,石膏雕塑,高清无声单频作帧录像,500cm x 150cm3926


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